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I... I know this is probably the worst possible time to be bringing this up. *sigh* On the other hand, though, important things like this always get revealed when the book or the play or the radio show's about to end, don't they? I mean, I'm not saying we're going to die! It's the opposite! We're going to defeat that snake, and then we're going to finish this -- whatever this is -- anyway, it'll be over!

Hmph. Anyway, that wasn't what I was going after. What I mean to say is... I have the filter on right, don't I? Okay, good.

*takes a deep breath* I...

I'm not a real human. ...I'm just pretending. This isn't even the form I was born with. My body mutated when I got into something I shouldn't have. I can transform back to my original form, but going around like this is a lot easier. It's a real drain on mana, though. That's why I always carry my weapon on me, even when we went to the bathhouse.

Some of you already know this. I didn't hide it around the people I knew before, on the Way, because... well, we were all weird there. I've told a couple people here, too, but not many. I guess I could have gone without hiding it, but I didn't want to. People will always look at you differently. Just trust me on that, okay?

My name... it's Milk. Milk from Palmier Village. But just keep on calling me Kurumi, okay? It-- it took a long time to come up with a name like that!

...I did it. I actually did it.
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Why does everybody think I'm a kid? I don't get it! There's no reason for it! Even people I've known for ages think I'm too young to drink?

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*The sound of a metal wall being punched reverberates around the room.*

I hate everything.
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All right, now we do this ~miru... and then...

Rose of the sky... with this power...


*There is now a strange humming sound. You may recognize it as magic. It's coming from the same difference engine that's recording this.*

Oh, great ~miru. Uh... I meant to do that ~miru!

(Accidental post! Milk's out of the infirmary, having just been in there for energy drain, and has been working on making her new weapon blueprints a reality. She, uh. Accidentally enchanted her difference engine.

Also, yes, this is a post as Milk [as in, not Kurumi] that isn't filtered to the Way. It was an accident, okay. Feel free to catch this.)
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...mi...ru. *sound of something falling off the desk*
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*rustling, pen-scratching*

"Dear Lord Coco. I'm still fine and still not dead ~miru. Don't tell anyone, though ~miru. I need some time before I can make my grand entrance back home. Stay away from that annoying pink thing who isn't me ~miru. Also, take her candy."

Hmm, no...

"Dear Coco. I am the greatest ~miru. But you already knew that ~miru. Today I ate a whole cake without anybody noticing ~miru. This is, of course, typical for me. Please consider my amazingness ~miru."

That's too short. I need to add something ~miru.

"I saw a bunch of birds today. They were pretty. I threw flower petals at them so more people would notice them. I don't think they liked it, though, ~miru. How was your day?"

Ohhh, this isn't working ~miru. I'll just send them ALL.


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