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Hey. I know the network's in a panic because it's looked like the end of the world since Amicus. It will be the end of the world, if we don't do something. But calm down, because we are doing something. There are a lot of people out there who are strong enough to help, and a lot of us are. No matter who we are, we're not going to let this get any worse.

I used to fight because I could. Because I wanted to show off. Because there were people I wanted to impress -- not that I ever managed to make them like me the way I wanted them to. I might still be doing that even now. But... I've made friends who I know care about me, and for someone like me, that's a big deal. Those people are the ones who taught me what my friends back where I lived before were trying to get through my head. Fighting to save people should be done for its own sake. You do this kind of thing to keep everyone safe.

I will keep everyone safe. ...I shouldn't say that. Nobody can be perfect, even if I always thought I could. But I'll do everything I can to protect the rest of you and this world. After all this, we'll rebuild from everything that's happened over the past three years, or however long this has been going on. Because that's what we do.

And by "we" I mean "everyone".

I won't lie about who I am anymore. I'll admit that I've made a few mistakes. That I still hope people have heard of me when I meet them, and that I can't stand it when they haven't. That I have a stupid tendency to be attracted to people who run off into the sunset with annoyingly useful idiots even when I saw them first. That my powers and my strength and the form I spend most of my time in came from getting into magic that common sense says I should have stayed away from, and that everything that makes me a hero was something I just made up after listening to too much Steel Samurai.

But you know what? I can punch the ground and crack it. I can turn rose petals into deadly weapons and move the air around me. Even if it's strength I wasn't born with, it's part of me now. I have friends I care about, I have dreams even if some of them won't ever come true, and I'm going to protect those friends and those dreams with everything I've got. If you're fighting, too, then keep fighting for your own dreams and your own friends and our world. If you're not, if you can't, then keep doing what you can do.

It -- the whole secret heroine thing -- might have been a dumb idea, or at least my friends tell me that it was. But even if it's ridiculous, even if it's just something I made up, it's a part of me. This is what I can do, and I'm going to do it because I want to and because I have to.

Because I'm Mimino Kurumi... because I'm really Milk from Palmier Village...

Because I'm the one and only undefeatable Milky Rose!
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-The power's high enough for now. This might change later, but just if something happens.
-Need to find some way to use the energy better. I've been running on this for a year. I need to make it last as long as possible.
-While we're here, I could get some materials. Upgrading this thing shouldn't be an object with that.
-Needs more roses.
-Swords are cool. Also like pretty theme, though. Decisions, decisions.

Overall: This can wait. I'm doing fine as I am now.

Also need to ask how journals work. Ryuuzaki would know, right?

(Have just the slightest bit of foreshadowing! See that thing in the icon? Don't worry, I haven't jumped the gun. We'll have to wait til the Big Epic Shounen Plot to actually have it built. Right now, she's just considering rebuilding or replacing her current weapon to use less power.)
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Happy birthday to me~ Thankfully, we got rid of those monsters, so it's a doubly good day. We'd better get cake for this.
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A monster attack?

Don't worry. We won't let them get near the ship!

*you can hear someone in high heels running out the door and the faint sound of her introduction catchphrase before the communicator shuts off*
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I'm tired ~miru...

Haruhi is right, you stupid pirates all suck ~miru. Magenta is a stupid colour, anyway.

(After Sophie lured a group of pirates to the edge of the ship, Milky Rose blasted them away... besides causing a little bit more work for the carpenters, the energy expenditure was enough to drain her into mode-lock, so have Milk for the rest of the event.)
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And my work is done. Nobody could ignore that. And they're not going to catch me, either.

Now this is being a secret heroine.

(Okay, everyone in Kropmork. Happy Amicus, you just got Milky Rose'd. Just after L made his announcement that the Way was leaving, Milky was spotted on rooftops spreading barrelfuls of blue rose petals on the wind. Feel free to complain about the mess; it's probably gotten all over the ships and the streets.)


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