Dec. 14th, 2009 11:58 pm
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All right, everybody, you heard the creeper. We're going to show them just how strong we are. Of course, you're all doing that already. It's too bad they know we're coming, but we don't have that much time.

If anyone needs a weapon upgrade, just leave it to me. I used to build them for a living before I ran away, after all!

Haruhi... Illya... Grr, I'm even starting to miss Sophie.
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All right, now we do this ~miru... and then...

Rose of the sky... with this power...


*There is now a strange humming sound. You may recognize it as magic. It's coming from the same difference engine that's recording this.*

Oh, great ~miru. Uh... I meant to do that ~miru!

(Accidental post! Milk's out of the infirmary, having just been in there for energy drain, and has been working on making her new weapon blueprints a reality. She, uh. Accidentally enchanted her difference engine.

Also, yes, this is a post as Milk [as in, not Kurumi] that isn't filtered to the Way. It was an accident, okay. Feel free to catch this.)
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-The power's high enough for now. This might change later, but just if something happens.
-Need to find some way to use the energy better. I've been running on this for a year. I need to make it last as long as possible.
-While we're here, I could get some materials. Upgrading this thing shouldn't be an object with that.
-Needs more roses.
-Swords are cool. Also like pretty theme, though. Decisions, decisions.

Overall: This can wait. I'm doing fine as I am now.

Also need to ask how journals work. Ryuuzaki would know, right?

(Have just the slightest bit of foreshadowing! See that thing in the icon? Don't worry, I haven't jumped the gun. We'll have to wait til the Big Epic Shounen Plot to actually have it built. Right now, she's just considering rebuilding or replacing her current weapon to use less power.)


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