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Don't they have any good Lunasa specials on the radio? All I'm finding are the cheap, stupid new ones! Nobody cares about the chipped rock that came to life and wanted someone to paint it! That stupid special lasted three hours.


Aug. 27th, 2009 06:08 pm
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If you took my candy, I'm going to hurt you!
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Ow. Ow. Ow.

Ow ~miru.

*ahem* Merry Lunasa ~miru! I'm very appreciative of all your presents ~miru! MOST of your presents.
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And my work is done. Nobody could ignore that. And they're not going to catch me, either.

Now this is being a secret heroine.

(Okay, everyone in Kropmork. Happy Amicus, you just got Milky Rose'd. Just after L made his announcement that the Way was leaving, Milky was spotted on rooftops spreading barrelfuls of blue rose petals on the wind. Feel free to complain about the mess; it's probably gotten all over the ships and the streets.)
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Oh, finally. I was getting tired of feeling so tired. That's one good thing about Long Night. The other is, of course, the holiday~ I'll probably just wear my secret heroine costume or something. After all, celebrating mystery, strength and heroism is what it's all about! ♥ Which is why it's my favourite holiday.

[private | medium-easily hackable]

And then she -- no, that doesn't work. She tried to -- augh, this is too embarrassing! I give up already!


(ooc: Joshua is a bad influence. Counteracting this, Milk is full of fail and far too embarrassed to write more than three words.)


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