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my hed is floting.

we got the sihp back. so were havign a party i got lots of cake. + other stuff. i had like 3 of that realy gross dirnk so i guess im drink but now no one will call me a kid anymoer. seriously you guys im 17n. im not 12. mayb i should start stufing but people would probably be abl to tell. they cheat like taht.

i want anotehr cake. stupid ship stealers ate my food.

its god we got the ship bakc. home alwasy leavs. or it doesnt leave but somtihgn hapens to it so i cant liv ther anymor. first hom got monsters. second hom sucks. third hom vahs did somthing stupid and him and ryuzakik eloped so ever1 left. so yeah. idk if this is hom but it left to. but its back.

im cold. who left the window opem. fish will fly in and tehn there wil be fish. i thoguht i saw a fish maybe theres a fish here alrdeay. if you see it get rid of it or it wil make a mess. do fish make messes? cats do. ther wer cats al over the way for ages and they tried to bit me and shreded the furniteru.

typting is hard. easier with hands though. lots of thigns are. that must be why peo[ple like hands. i do. maybe i shoudlnt. kurumi is miruku is kurumi but which is backwards of which. too bad sora left. i wanted to knwo how he did that thing that made dead crysejtl alive. maybe he charges power with stupid. maybe stupid is a superpower.

lots of strong people are stupid so that makes sense. but not me. im not stuipd but im stil strong. iam stronger than even stupid. so there.

(As you can tell, Milk has gotten into too much of the Firetruck's alcohol. Feel free to torment her about this the next day and for the rest of eternity. No, there is not actually a fish flying around the ship.)
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Don't they have any good Lunasa specials on the radio? All I'm finding are the cheap, stupid new ones! Nobody cares about the chipped rock that came to life and wanted someone to paint it! That stupid special lasted three hours.
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Why does everybody think I'm a kid? I don't get it! There's no reason for it! Even people I've known for ages think I'm too young to drink?

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Before any of you say anything, I don't know anything about it! Just because I pass doesn't mean I know creepy cow-eating stalkers!
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That was the funniest thing I've seen all week.

...my journal better not start posting stuff on its own. Especially not stories like that.

Anyway, I'm hungry. Hey, network. What should I eat?
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...Happy birthday. And don't expect something this nice next year, either!

(Illya will find a large box in front of her room full of candy bars. Milk remembers how Illya shut herself up in her room on her last birthday and also started to miss her during the kidnap plot, but she's not going to admit that.)
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All right, now we do this ~miru... and then...

Rose of the sky... with this power...


*There is now a strange humming sound. You may recognize it as magic. It's coming from the same difference engine that's recording this.*

Oh, great ~miru. Uh... I meant to do that ~miru!

(Accidental post! Milk's out of the infirmary, having just been in there for energy drain, and has been working on making her new weapon blueprints a reality. She, uh. Accidentally enchanted her difference engine.

Also, yes, this is a post as Milk [as in, not Kurumi] that isn't filtered to the Way. It was an accident, okay. Feel free to catch this.)
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...mi...ru. *sound of something falling off the desk*
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And my work is done. Nobody could ignore that. And they're not going to catch me, either.

Now this is being a secret heroine.

(Okay, everyone in Kropmork. Happy Amicus, you just got Milky Rose'd. Just after L made his announcement that the Way was leaving, Milky was spotted on rooftops spreading barrelfuls of blue rose petals on the wind. Feel free to complain about the mess; it's probably gotten all over the ships and the streets.)
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Oh, finally. I was getting tired of feeling so tired. That's one good thing about Long Night. The other is, of course, the holiday~ I'll probably just wear my secret heroine costume or something. After all, celebrating mystery, strength and heroism is what it's all about! ♥ Which is why it's my favourite holiday.

[private | medium-easily hackable]

And then she -- no, that doesn't work. She tried to -- augh, this is too embarrassing! I give up already!


(ooc: Joshua is a bad influence. Counteracting this, Milk is full of fail and far too embarrassed to write more than three words.)


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