Sep. 19th, 2009 07:44 pm
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I called it.
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-The power's high enough for now. This might change later, but just if something happens.
-Need to find some way to use the energy better. I've been running on this for a year. I need to make it last as long as possible.
-While we're here, I could get some materials. Upgrading this thing shouldn't be an object with that.
-Needs more roses.
-Swords are cool. Also like pretty theme, though. Decisions, decisions.

Overall: This can wait. I'm doing fine as I am now.

Also need to ask how journals work. Ryuuzaki would know, right?

(Have just the slightest bit of foreshadowing! See that thing in the icon? Don't worry, I haven't jumped the gun. We'll have to wait til the Big Epic Shounen Plot to actually have it built. Right now, she's just considering rebuilding or replacing her current weapon to use less power.)


Aug. 27th, 2009 06:08 pm
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If you took my candy, I'm going to hurt you!
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Ow. Ow. Ow.

Ow ~miru.

*ahem* Merry Lunasa ~miru! I'm very appreciative of all your presents ~miru! MOST of your presents.
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*sounds of clanging metal*

The ship didn't take too much damage ~miru. Does anyone even remember why we came here to freeze in the middle of summer ~miru? Lunasa is coming! It can't be cold on Lunasa ~miru!
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The sad thing is, it's about halfway likely that she actually believes that ~miru.

Why do I care? Everyone thinks she's stupid.
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Happy birthday to me~ Thankfully, we got rid of those monsters, so it's a doubly good day. We'd better get cake for this.
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A monster attack?

Don't worry. We won't let them get near the ship!

*you can hear someone in high heels running out the door and the faint sound of her introduction catchphrase before the communicator shuts off*
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This is getting boring. I'd almost rather that certain people did idiotic things like try to fish for meat again.
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I'm tired ~miru...

Haruhi is right, you stupid pirates all suck ~miru. Magenta is a stupid colour, anyway.

(After Sophie lured a group of pirates to the edge of the ship, Milky Rose blasted them away... besides causing a little bit more work for the carpenters, the energy expenditure was enough to drain her into mode-lock, so have Milk for the rest of the event.)
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And my work is done. Nobody could ignore that. And they're not going to catch me, either.

Now this is being a secret heroine.

(Okay, everyone in Kropmork. Happy Amicus, you just got Milky Rose'd. Just after L made his announcement that the Way was leaving, Milky was spotted on rooftops spreading barrelfuls of blue rose petals on the wind. Feel free to complain about the mess; it's probably gotten all over the ships and the streets.)
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You can take any of the other candy I brought back, but the chocolate is mine. I'll be in my room. Eating it.

[WW officers|somewhat less hackable]

What do you want me to do with this box?
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[backdated to before Haruhi announces they're delaying their secret plan]

Yes! One last phase before we put this into motion. New port, new city, new flower beds to raid, new roses--



I left these to set like normal! That was blue dye! Blue dye doesn't just turn pink! Nobody wants pink rose petals! What am I supposed to do with these? Throw them out the port hole?

...they dropped like rocks. Rose petals flutter in the wind. These are rocks.

This is the worst day ever, you know that?

(ooc: Mun-approved. Sophie + Long Night = ensuring that Milky Rose can't make a proper appearance with her latest batch of fluttery blue rose petals, which are now neither fluttery nor blue. If you see Kurumi dumping petals out her window that don't waft around in the air like they normally would, this is why.)
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Oh, finally. I was getting tired of feeling so tired. That's one good thing about Long Night. The other is, of course, the holiday~ I'll probably just wear my secret heroine costume or something. After all, celebrating mystery, strength and heroism is what it's all about! ♥ Which is why it's my favourite holiday.

[private | medium-easily hackable]

And then she -- no, that doesn't work. She tried to -- augh, this is too embarrassing! I give up already!


(ooc: Joshua is a bad influence. Counteracting this, Milk is full of fail and far too embarrassed to write more than three words.)
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This sucks ~miru. At least I don't feel that bad yet, but it's still inconvenient ~miru. Who isn't sick?

(ooc: Sorry for imminent icon fail; the draining effect of Ryojitis means she's stuck in mascot form. I really need to get her that paid.)
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This should be the best day in the world. The person who blew us up is gone, and so is that weirdo who kept calling me creepy, and we all get a ton of dessert. Absolutely nothing can go wrong - well, except that I didn't really get to do anything about it, it all just happened, but that's probably better because it's easier anyway.

So why don't I feel too good? Hmph. I'll go get more cake. You'd better watch your plates.

(ooc: Bomber found plus Yuffie dropped equals a relieved but somewhat conflicted Milk. And you said she only cared about herself. Well, she usually does, but.)
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*rustling, pen-scratching*

"Dear Lord Coco. I'm still fine and still not dead ~miru. Don't tell anyone, though ~miru. I need some time before I can make my grand entrance back home. Stay away from that annoying pink thing who isn't me ~miru. Also, take her candy."

Hmm, no...

"Dear Coco. I am the greatest ~miru. But you already knew that ~miru. Today I ate a whole cake without anybody noticing ~miru. This is, of course, typical for me. Please consider my amazingness ~miru."

That's too short. I need to add something ~miru.

"I saw a bunch of birds today. They were pretty. I threw flower petals at them so more people would notice them. I don't think they liked it, though, ~miru. How was your day?"

Ohhh, this isn't working ~miru. I'll just send them ALL.
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...and now for the OTHER bandwagon, the relationship meme post! You probably all think she's annoying and she probably thinks you're all in her way, but let's do this anyway.


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